September 20, 2013

Top Online Record Pools For DJs [Part II]

Recently I have been using Spotify more than any other type of music stream service.  Why is it that I choose to use this over the other popular services like iTunes Radio, Pandora, and iHeartRadio?  The main thing for me is ease of use.  I can find songs I want online, and they will instantly download to my smartphone.  All I have to do is plug my songs into the jack in my car’s receiver and I’m on my way.  There is no more having to flips through songs on a CD player, and since I have every song that I want, I’m never unsatisfied with my listening choices.

There is only one fatal flaw with my system.  I cannot actually download these songs to another hard drive to use them with my DVS or DAW.  I actually have to purchase these songs at a buck a piece if I want to use them.  For a DJ, that is the real kicker that prevents such a service from being as good as it is.  The only other option for music at a cheap discount is to go with a tried and true record pool.  There are enough of them that you can actually afford to shop.