September 30, 2013

Pioneer S-DJ80X Powered Monitors

Pioneer is still the first name we think about when it comes time to buy a new set of CD players.  They are still the club standard for DJs who are in need of a 4-channel controller, who expect nothing less than the best.  Some will stand by the fact that Pioneer uses their branding to promote products at a high price, and if the same piece of gear were dressed under a different label – it wouldn’t sell or be valued at the same amount.  Regardless, there are few Pioneer product owners who have anything bad to say about their gear, other than the cost of it.

Pioneer has made steps to stick their foot into other parts of the music industry, mainly with monitors and speakers.  They aren’t exactly known for producing speakers and monitors, but they already have a lot behind then that will help them make the sale.  Their S-DJ80X is the newest additions to their speaker line, and they are nothing to laugh about either.  These are big monitors, and although they share the same shape as the classic KRK Rokit series, they are actually much larger and menacing.  Price is a bit higher than the competition, but again, it’s from Pioneer.