September 30, 2013

Magma Digi-Control Bag XL Review & Video

The trouble with controllers and all-in-one controller systems are their sizes.  It’s not that they are too big or too heavy to carry around; they are in fact much easier to carry around than a normal two turntable and mixer setup.  The issue is that their size is not standard from company to company.  When controllers are listed, they usually fall under only a few categories.  One of them is a laptop controller.  These are meant to be no longer than the width of an average laptop.  Since laptops vary in size, there really is no “standard”, but we do have an understanding of their size limits.

The next up is a portable controller like the Vestax VCI series.  These are slightly larger and can fit in a backpack, but one would rather use some sort of carrying case that fits it.  Another step up from that size rests the Kontrol S4 and the DDJ-SX.  These look small on paper, but they are actually quite large – so large that you will have a problem transporting it without fear of dropping it.  Odyssey does not really make hard cases that can meet the demand of new products, so other companies like Magma are fine tuning what they already have available.