September 30, 2013

I Dream Of Wires: Hardcore Edition

The history of your favorite sport or hobby is always something that you would not usually expect.  The history of sports in general is somewhat eerie to think about.  Soccer came from a game where player would kick around the decapitated head of an individual.  Baseball came from a game where players would actually hit each other with the ball to score an out.  Digital music has its own weird history, but unlike other hobbies, its original form has also been preserved by many enthusiasts and gear lovers of all types.  Synthesizers are nothing new, but at the same time they are constantly being reinvented.

Some think of an innovation as a way to free ourselves from having to put in extra work, while others look at innovation as a way to preserve the old while updating old gear.  A history on the invention of the synthesizer is far from brief, and it would take hours for professionals to actually explain what is going on here.  “I Dream of Wires” is a documentary that has been years in the making, and rightfully so.  In order to cover the volumes of detail out there, a lot of editing work has gone into making it a worth film.