October 2, 2013

umidi custom controller: 6X6 format of your choice

With so many MIDI controllers out there to choose from, you would think that few people have a problem finding the one they like.  How can we complain when we have everything from deck emulators to remix decks available to us by virtually every single manufacturer?  Having too much of a choice can actually get in the way of making an informed decision.  Imagine that there are 20 different MIDI controllers in the same price range, each with a slightly different variation – you might opt to get one of these, but neglect to realize that this brand doesn’t have the USB port option you wanted with another option.

You can just as easily lose out on something by focusing on the wrong specifics.  Some controller companies like Behringer have actually created entire lines of modular controllers – while others, like uMIDI, have allowed their customers to tell them exactly what they want.  You show them how you want it to look when it is done, and they build it to order exactly the way you want it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if ALL DJ gear was built under the same standards?  Of course, not everything is as easy to build as a MIDI controller.