October 2, 2013

one Serato DJ to rule them all

Any music equipment company out there has a duty to keep themselves relevant in a world that is constantly changing both culturally and technologically.  Even a person who makes violins for a living will realize that some people are tired of the basic violin.  Some of them would much rather have an electric violin or a skeleton type violin to be different from the rest.  With digital music tools, it would be redundant to even talk about the changes in landscape.  There are always new things to keep up with and problems to fix.  Companies that focus on both hardware and software have the delicate job of making sure that both parts always work well with each other.

Serato is no stranger to having multiple pieces of gear and software to keep up with.  I feel they have actually gotten quite tired of the constant updates and changes that needed to be submitted to each separate system – so when they decided to use Serato DJ for everything, I was not shocked at all.  In the future we should expect that one DVS will be able to rule each particular piece of hardware, and this is the plan over at Serato as well.