October 2, 2013

Snoop Dogg & Qbert Help Launch djay 2.1

Another iOS update is here and it signals two things for the usual crowd.  One of them is obviously the release of some new hardware, which would be the newest iPhone 5.  There’s no doubt that people were lined up at a mall near you, hoping that they could be the first ones to grab a new iPhone off of the lot.  The second thing is that every iPhone out there had to receive the OS update as well, regardless if they want it or not.  When things change, people tend to notice the changes – and many have already expressed how much they dislike the new iOS icon themes.  App developers either have prepared for the change, or they have done nothing about it.

Those who have done their homework are the ones who will get passed the torch here.  djay by algoriddim got its update in version 2.1 – with the help of a few noble celebrities offering their sample packs to the public.  Both Qbert and Snoop Dogg have thrown in a few samples that come standard with the latest version.  Some say that other companies like NI have failed to keep up with the OS update, while others have taken it as a challenge.