October 2, 2013

Scratch Test Demos: NS7 II

The new NS7 by Numark was a welcomed change to those who found the first version to be problematic, but also an unwelcomed change to those who just dropped some hard cash on a new piece of gear.  Numark was smart about what they changed to the gear, with no huge adjustments that could cause it to be a selling failure.  Some nice details were actually changes, and some of them were so subtle that they could not be recognized until actually touched and used.  This is what one DJ decided to on his YouTube page, which hosts a slew of demo videos from products that are yet to be released.

The best details are the ones that cannot be noticed until they are touched, which is mainly the actual jogwheels themselves.  Instead of using the regular plastic with physical sensors atop the decks, theses have now been switched with aluminum pads.  These are a bit stiffer than the regular plastic on the original NS7, but he reports that they actually give a more responsive feel once you learn how to get used to the change in sensitivity.  It’s little changes like this that bring people one step closer to the touch of vinyl.