October 2, 2013

Best Way To Build A Mobile DJ Music Library?

DJs today do not have a problem trying to store music or have an issue over ways to bring it with them to the gig.  The problem they seem to have is not having the right song to please a customer.  It’s funny, because even though you have access to a lot more music, the crowds of people know this and expect you to carry that much more music.  Some DJs will even attempt to download a song during their live set and import it into their DVS while performing.  The risky part about doing this is that you have to take your attention away from the decks while doing other things.

Some DVS programs have incorporated a way to access music while performing.  Virtual DJ actually lets you have access to any song you need, but you aren’t allowed to take it off of the DJ program itself.  It starts at about 9 dollars a month and isn’t bad when you consider what you could do with it.  You can finally appease any annoying crowd member who demands you play their song.  Ultimately you would want to actually have the right music, but there are always ways of getting things done without it.