October 8, 2013


The mysterious nature of the DJ and what their job entails will always be one of the most attractive features about it.  Although DJing is quite popular in many respects, it is also mysterious since it is hard to understand what they are doing behind the decks.  To someone in the club, the DJ plays and mixes music; this is something that they can understand.  What they will not understand is how they came about sets and playlists, or what they are actually doing when they are staring at their screens and listening in on their ear cups.  Of course, DJing will never be taught in an institution the same way that orchestra or band is taught.

DJing simply lacks a fundamental thought process that each DJ adheres to.  In fact, many DJs won’t even agree on what defines the art of DJing in the first place.  Lucky for kids these days, there are many who want to teach the art to younger students and masses, and that is priceless if you ask me.  Before any potential DJ makes the financial investment in gear, why not learn a few things about it in order to clear up any unsolved questions?