October 8, 2013


I think that one of the most respected parts about DJing is slowly being lost in a world where DJing is made easy.  DJing used to be very hard to do.  It used to be that in order to even sound halfway decent, you had to be perfect at mixing and selecting.  The records that you carried with you to the gig was your arsenal to choose from, and you literally had to decided songs that would either make or break your night.  It was like being a surgeon, but with a limited amount of tools to choose from.  Today, DJs are free from those restraints, but it hasn’t made them better.

In fact, it has made them worse.  Laziness in any sort of art tricks the brain into thinking it has done something great – when in reality, it has done something menial and unchallenging.  This is especially evident in EDM, where songs are not hard to mix, and they certainly aren’t hard to make.  Mixing and selling to the lowest common denominator has become the safe route for many amateur and professional DJs alike.  You know it’s bad when all of the pro DJs and producer start commenting on their own of their genre, and how it has come to such a point.