October 8, 2013

The Forbes Hip-Hop Rich List leaves DJs in the dust

Between being a DJ and being a rapper, which do you think has the bigger cost versus payout?  Some would argue that DJing is much easier in all respects, because you are essentially playing other peoples music along with your own.  When a DJ at this level performs, there is equipment and even some shady pre-recorded tunes that help them look like professionals on stage.  However, when a rapper sets to make money with their music, their road is a lot harder to start.  Most of these guys will perform at local shows, but won’t be getting paid for the same amount of work that DJ puts in.

Rapping is also much more original than what a DJ, specifically an EDM DJ can do these days.  The highest paid DJ of last year was Calvin Harris, who made about 46 millions dollars.  The highest paid rapper was P. Diddy, who seems to be making money in other ways than just rapping alone.  The top five rappers have actually been in the game for a very long time, so the money they are making didn’t come easy – whereas the same DJs who make money are getting to this point with far less time underneath their belts.