October 8, 2013

How Do I Pick Myself Up When My DJ Event Bombed?

Every performer knows the feeling when they are on stage and they truly connect with their audience.  It is as if the audience is rooting for the performer and all expectations magically get met.  This high is something that athletes also know; when they perform feats that are nearly impossible under any other circumstances.  The opposite side of this is when a performer begins to fail, and the crowd watches it slowly happen.  Most of what happens in this stage is mental and produced internally.  It goes like this:  the DJ trainwrecks a mix and the crowd expresses their response.  In turn, the DJ begins to think that they are horrible DJs, and the rest of the night goes on under this pretense.

In effect, it is the DJ who has made their night terrible, not the fans or the mix itself.  This self doubt can be just as dangerous, as hope is to powerfulness.  Failing and getting booed off stage is part of being successful.  You literally have to take risks and fail occasionally in order to know where you stand in the world.  Staying safe all the time will keep you safe, but it will never help you grow out of your shell.