October 8, 2013

Shazam, Beatport, Sync, Go!: This Is Not The Problem With DJing Today

People love to blame problems on technology.  It’s funny, because technology is supposed to unite us and free us from hard work and struggle – but it can have the opposite effect too.  It can easily divide people who were once united, and it can cause people to take sides in a dichotomy that never needed to exist.  All of the crutches that DJs have these days can be seen as a blessing or a disaster.  Like any tool, it can be used correctly and incorrectly, but some see the existence of the tool itself to be flawed.  For DJs, the argument started with the sync button.

As soon as this was implemented, it meant that a DJ could skip the many months of learning how to beat match, and get to mixing music right away.  It also meant that other DJs beat-matching skills were basically nullified but a button on a computer.  Although the two camps will be forever divided on the subject, it should be plain to see that no tool can create or break a DJ.  Tools can be used in creative ways and not just the way that they are advertised on the surface.