October 8, 2013

This Is Traktor’s Future

The further we get into computer and DJ technology, they close they get driven together.  When computers were first implemented in a DJ’s setup, the computers played a passive role in song production.  They were used to insert samples or perhaps record bits and clips, but the DJ still expected to use his computer and turntables separately from each other.  These days, the only thing that separates a computer and the turntables are a box and few feet of USB cable.  Some companies have already integrated tablets into their mixing consoles, but it is still far from being one piece.

What we are seeing with the Maschine and the Ableton Push is the slow reintroduction of screens and displays on DJ gear.  Developers were smart to introduce screens slowly, while keeping the work area on the center of the gear – but they are beginning to also see the benefit of having installed readout screens.  It makes it easier to navigate and can eliminate many of the physical buttons on the screen itself.  Perhaps, computers will be out of the picture completely – once navigation takes the center stage of a MIDI controller, and screens begin to dominate the show once again.