October 14, 2013

INDUSTRY: BPM 2014 spawns PRO Show

Trade shows are becoming more common as both spectators and vendors realize the significance of getting everybody under one roof.  Instead of having to shop around or online – you can take a tour of each factory under the same roof.  Vendors and manufacturers come together with their best game, since they want to make an impression will go much further than the trade show floors.  Of course, not all of these trade shows are about pleasing the public – some of them don’t even allow the public access to the goods.  These are the types that want to keep everything between themselves and their possible vendors for their goods.

NAMM is a name that comes to mind.  These places are chock full of security guards who are screening people for their passes at all times.  If you attempt to sneak a friend in you will promptly get removed.  Some of them that allow talent don’t even care for them in the first place.  Maybe they just don’t like DJs or the idea of them being there to make a bunch of noise, but it is fairly obviously when a trade show is generous to the general public.  Those that aren’t, aren’t any fun.