October 14, 2013

Chris Karns goes Goro on the Rane Sixty Two

There are many turntablists in the world right now that can show just how versatile they can be with a DVS like Serato – but few of them can do it well.  A turntablist who is used to playing with only vinyl records is indeed a master of it – but they are not a master of all trades.  When they try to apply those skills to a DVS, there is a lot of adjustment that needs to be made.  This is why tablists complain about DVS issues, while the average DJ doesn’t notice anything wrong with the system.

Qbert is one of the names that comes to mind as a king of records – while his game with Serato is yet to be known.  Chris Karns is not in this category.  He is one of the few that was able to transition his skill over to the DVS without any issue at all.  In fact, this proves the idea that a tablist can do just as well using an emulated vinyl program.  Karns is not your average DJ in any way, but he makes for a great advertisement when it comes to selling DJ gear.  This guy is on fire no matter what he plays with.