October 14, 2013

Rap Stats and the relevance of the DJ in Hip Hop

To get an idea of where the DJ industry is headed, you can start at something very simple.  No, you don’t need to look at equipment sales, because that tells you where we currently are.  The real interest in topics out there comes from something simpler – words.  When someone searches a word or a phrase into Google, that search query is remembered and recorded for the history books.  By taking a look at certain keywords and phrases, you can accurately depict a visual graph of what is on the minds of the general public, and what is something that is slowly being forgotten.

Technics and turntables are two words that are no longer as significant as they used to be.  Controller and MIDI are perhaps more prevalent words than they ever were before.  The last time the world “turntable” had a popular meaning, was in the mid 90’s when turntablism was at its peak.  Since then, it has dropped in popularity considerably.  Serato is a strange one – since you might think that Traktor has done them in – yet search results are very clear that Serato and its popularity continues to rise among the heft of new DVS contenders with technology on their side.