October 17, 2013

Why You Should Be Writing Bad Songs (and lots of ‘em)

For every successful project that has ever been realized, how many of them failed to miss the mark?  We only ever hear of the successes, but the failures only come to mind when they are actually broadcasted live on television.  I tend to think of the space programs that each country has developed.  Every major country who tried to send a satellite into space, failed many times before they actually got it right.  It took trial and error to realize what needed to be done and what was unnecessary.  Most of the failures were never televised on TV – except for a few notable launches and return trips that ended in failure.

The same trial and error happen with producers and songwriter who end up working on things that they never thought would be successful.  Many of those failures were indeed failures.  One who kept working at it eventually found ways to breakthrough their problem – and the ones who gave up on them were left wondering if they could have ever been a success.  I guess it does pay to work through projects that seem to have no payoff, since quitting too early guarantees that there will be no success at all.