October 17, 2013

Why Every Musician Should Have a Google+ Account

Whenever a game is created, there are rules that are created around this.  The rules, however, do not govern how the game is actually played – these are rules that are constantly broken and tested to their limits.  The payoff for bending these rules can be very rewarding as well.  Take basketball for example, where fouls are intentionally done in order to prevent an easy score from the opposing team.  By the books, a foul is something that happens on accident, yet they are used as tool to sway the game in their favor.  Rules are also abused when it comes to marketing your music or your brand.

Instead posting genuine content about yourself, some are in it for the numbers game and are looking for popularity instead.  In the name of creating a buzz for yourself and others in a general way – some creators target the rules by which a brand or image is boosted.  Some know all too well how to sway the game in their favor using keywords and tricks of the trade.  Google hopes to end this kind of behavior by keep their rules secretive from the rest of the world.  Hopefully it encourages artists to be more genuine with their content and actions.