October 17, 2013

10 Networking Tips for Musicians and Bands

The idea of networking really comes from an old practice where business people vie for the attention and business of others.  In a nice way, networking is about opening up doors for others while getting something in return.  You help out a DJ friend who is looking for work, and in return, they will someday keep you in mind when they need someone to take their gig.  That is the nicest definition of networking that anyone can imagine.  In reality, there are problems that go much deeper than that.  Selfishness is something that we cannot ignore, and even the most generous prospect is still looking out for themselves at the core of it all.

True networking comes down to the value of that you bring to others.  If having you around opens up doors, then people will want to have you around.  If all you do is leech off of others, then you are not something that will be kept around.  There is a careful balancing act between taking too much and not giving back enough to the pot – ignore these rules and you will be dealt with swiftly.  Other than that – networking can be clutch when there is something you need in return.