October 17, 2013

Make Dropbox Your Own Music Cloud With TuneBox

Before network servers and other server-client systems were so common, communicating with another computer while away from it had its own challenges.  Security was one of the biggest problems, since most of the data that we being accessed remotely was something that should not have been made public.  The second biggest hurtle was the ease of use, or perhaps the potential misuse of it.  Now that we have cloud storage available to us, we no longer need to access information from specific databases, like our own PCs.  We can simply send all of our data to a cloud in an undisclosed location where it is kept on demand.

Now, the one issue that we might run into here is a way to keep everything organized.  Every company that distributes information digitally is also looking for ways to keep that customer’s data in-house.  Between Amazon, iTunes, and the many other cloud storage options – it can be a nuisance on the user to keep track of it all.  A new app for iOS users makes it easy to access everything in one place.  It’s called TuneBox and it was designed specifically for accessing digital music files.  Hopefully they keep pace with the rest of the world.