October 27, 2013

Being a Music Industry Professional

Having a hobby or a job is one thing, but taking it to the next level where you make a living out of it requires a change in perspective as well as a change in approach.  Being a working man in the music industry can be hard enough – but aside from the daily grind there are always personal issues that each person has.  One of them has to do with the ego.  When someone is in power or has power over others, it is hard for them not to take advantage of it.  A professional doesn’t look at it as if they are better than others (even if they are), their aim is to stay humble and to see things as constructive, even when it does not go their way.

Working your way out of the stereotype of the “Rockstar” is perhaps the hardest part about being a professional at the top of your game.  People want you to act like one.  They want you to be exclusive, and they want to hear about which artist you hate the most.  If you can, try to avoid being lumped into this pile and see if you can get away with changing the image of the Rockstar.