October 27, 2013

Why The UK’s Copyright Hub Will Change The Face Of Music Rights

The way a country decides to handle their issues with illegal music downloading and piracy is ultimately up to them.  While there may be international organizations that have a hand in making such decisions, these are ultimately laws that are made by the highest powers that be.  Just because the United States or Canada handles their copyright laws a certain way, this doesn’t mean that every other free democratic country is supposed to follow their rules.  Even our friends over in the United Kingdom do not have a similar way of handling such problems that occur in both nations.  A new idea has been created across the pond, which has been nicknamed the Hub.  The hub is designed to handle streaming media using simple and legal methods.

While the technical details of this policy are probably difficult to understand, the goal of this idea is to help musicians get paid what they are due.  This may have something to do with price fixing or standardizing the way media is streamed to its users.  In the end, it means that people will have to change some of their daily routine in order to get things situated – but for artists it could be big business.