October 27, 2013

Turntable.fm Fights For Survival with Turntable Live Performances

When a person buys a ticket to their local sports game, they go because they want to experience the event live.  Sure, they can sit at home and watch it if they like – but nothing beats being there and getting to experience it all.  When these shows are aired on cable television, they are usually kept on a few channels that have access and the rights to broadcast the show.  These television stations actually pay a lot of money to be given these rights, so naturally they are weary of those who are trying to steal their programming.  The same can be said about live music concerts.  People may have their cell phones to take video of it happening live – but they aren’t setup to air the stream on a true live broadcast.

Turntable.fm is trying to fill this gap.  As it is now, events are typically recorded so that they can be sold after the show is done.  Amateurs might take video as well, but the quality and editing of these videos is not something worth paying for.  Turntable wants to be the ones who are given access, and the ones who can deliver a quality showing of a live performance.