October 27, 2013

Breaking Bad Was Very, Very Good For Badfinger’s “Baby Blue”

There are many artists out there that will do everything in their power to become the latest and greatest things that has ever existed.  Most of them will fail for reasons unknown.  It could be that they are creating the right type of music in the wrong period.  It could be that they live in the wrong area, or in an area that doesn’t like what they have to offer.  Sometimes, they just have no luck in the industry and every opportunity has ended up bad.  One thing that can make an artist is a small spotlight in a popular tv show or commercial.

How many times have you heard a song in a commercial and wondered what that song was?  Sometimes, the song is more intriguing than the actual product that it is plugging itself.  This is the case for many popular television shows like Breaking Bad, where the right tune can give just the right amount of emotion to a scene.  When a song like this is spotlighted, you can bet that many people will be asking the same question on the internet: “What song was that?”  That kind of buzz alone can be enough to make or break a music career.