October 27, 2013


Many would agree and disagree on what the genre of EDM has brought to DJing as a whole.  On the technical side of things, EDM seems to be the perfect candidate to mess with music , since it is usually perfectly synced to the beat – and it contains elements that are predictable from one song to the next.  In more traditional music, the format of a song varies.  But older classics had some predictable elements as well – mainly some type of break, chorus, and even a bridge.  EDM shares many of these elements which actually make mixing two songs easier and much easier to manipulate.

For all the complications that Traktor brings us, they are not without some form of usefulness.  Being able to create many cue point and loops at any given time has changed the way some see music mixing.  In a sense, they aren’t mixing music anymore; rather, they are creating new tunes on the fly with what they are given.  A careful use of loops can allow us to create certain forms of breaks, and even create a new song within a song.  We have to be careful of using these tools without overusing them, however.