October 28, 2013

Mixed In Key — from utility to pro software

The purpose of programs like Mixed In Key and rapid evolution became quite apparent once people started using huge databases of songs to listen to their music in a DVS.  Before then, people were actually quite familiar with their music, which came in the form of a vinyl or a song ripped to CD.  It was about actually knowing what the song sounded like that helped a DJ decide what tune would mix in harmonically.  These days, DJs will have thousands of songs at any given time while understanding only the tempo of the song.  Sometimes, they haven’t even listened to the song fully.

This is where MIK comes in.  By harmonically matching many songs at once, the DJ is saved from once again having to listen to hours upon hours of music.  What is next for programs like that?  It would seem that they would slowly become obsolete in the face of DVS implemented key detection software.  I guess they are trying hard to push further with what they have and transform the detection software into a mixing station.  There are many that have their doubts about this move – since they will never be anything like a true DVS and what it has to offer.