October 28, 2013

Numark Mixtrack Edge DJ controller

Going for technology and innovation is what every gear company seeks to do.  They want to be the ones who have taken a fresh idea and have made it possible.  Unfortunately, this route is also costly and risky.  There are many chances for things to go wrong, and if the product ultimately fails – they are out a huge chunk of change.  The economy will generally dictate what types of items are being built.  Fewer DJs are willing to shell out a thousand dollars at a time for a DJ setup, and many would choose a budget controller or setup, even when they know it will lack certain features on nicer models.

This seems to be what Numark has been up to.  They have the NS6 and NS7 as their expensive flagship controllers, but they also do a lot of work to make up the middle ground; specifically with entry level gear that has been made very affordable.  The Mixtrack EDGE is just one of the few controller styles they have available, and while it might not be feature rich – it certainly is small and portable.  The entire unit is as thick as a laptop, and even the faders and knobs have been shrunk down to size.