October 28, 2013

Linn’s 40th anniversary Whisky themed LP12 turntable

The Technics 1200 turntable was the standard by which all other turntables were judge by.  The Technics turntable line enjoyed 12 years of freedom, while other turntables struggled to catch up in technology.  Lucky for them, their patent on the direct drive turntable could not be copied, so therefore no other turntable even came close.  Even though the 1200 is still a widely recognized turntable for DJs and turntablists, the 1200 is not what most would consider an audiophile turntable.  It was built with an adjustable pitch and a rather plain slipmat, which was usually discarded in favor of one that actually slipped.

A true audiophile turntable looks much different, and it is something you usually walk away from once you set a record down on it.  These guys usually have large platters to reduce the amount of vibration that can be heard on a record, and they are also not necessarily high torque motors used inside.  This is something that has no meaning for someone who just wants to press play and walk away.  Finding a good one will cost you in the thousands – and that is just the beginning of what these things can cost you.