October 28, 2013

Survey Results and a winner!

Without actually asking people what their opinions are on DJ gear, it would be impossible to tell who is using what and why they are using it.  General knowledge can easily show us that mobile DJing and DJing with a lot of technology is more popular than ever, but it also means that the demographics of certain types of DJs has also shifted.  Imagine what it would be like if turntables were still the only method of mixing music.  People would actively have to purchase vinyl records at small quantities at a time.  This also means that the gap between skilled and beginner would be huge, since it takes quite a while to become proficient at using records.

These days, a beginner can advance to an intermediate level in just a short amount of time.  The concept of mixing music is no longer a mystery, and the technique used to do it has been simplified.  A poll has revealed that the large majority of DJs out there consider themselves to be at an intermediate level – which is fine, except that the small percentage of expert users would likely disagree with that sentiment.  What’s true about all of this is that technology has changed DJing forever.