October 28, 2013

Traktor DJ is OK for iOS 7. S4/S2, Less so…

Software updates are a common occurrence these days, and while it may be a minor annoyance to everybody that has to install the update, it is certainly much better than a software company who never makes changes to their programs.  Serato and Traktor are dynamic programs, meaning their functionality is something that keeps changing.  This is necessary to keep up with the times and it is also necessary when you want to add new features.  Some of the updates do very little and the changes go unnoticed (like bug fixed) – but the big changes are the most apparent and are also the most hated at times.

When iOS decides to update their OS, they have every programmer out there scrambling to make the necessary updates to their own hardware.  If this update coincides with a software update as well, many things can go wrong in the process.  For NI, it has been sort of a headache, since the release came just in time to interfere with their own release.  Since then, they have worked diligently on fixing issues with their Kontrol S4 and S2.  The newest patch to iOS 7 seems to have fixed many of the glitches and errors that people were getting.