November 5, 2013

Mixed in Key’s Danceability Beta — Our Opinion

I have already glossed over the introduction of Mixed In Key’s new layout and purpose. The software was built to analyze songs and determine where they stood in the Camelot wheel.  For the advanced DJ, harmonic mixing has been the single identifier between a good mix and a great mix.  Once you have the basic techniques down – you song selection plays the biggest part in making a mix sound good.  Pretty soon, MIK will no longer be a tool that is used for key detection alone – it will be used to mix music.

Before we get into interfaces or how to software will actually be used during a session – take a look at the features MIK promises to bring us.  We can already assume that many of the features that MIK has will be something that we’ve seen from the likes of Traktor and Serato, however, MIK has implemented the Danceability feature, will actually rates songs by their energy (as opposed to temp and key).  Songs are then given a number which rates their intensity.  If this feature is integrated in such a way that actually makes it easy to use, this might be a clear winner.