November 5, 2013

Old Controller Won’t Work With Mac Any More

When new gear is finally released, which is quite often these days – there is no rule saying that you have to make the upgrade.  It is there in front of your face to basically tease you, and even if you retain your old gear instead, you will be made quite aware of what you are missing.  Some companies go through great lengths to keep up with their old software and hardware, in the event that you decide to keep your old stuff.  Some of them are even very good about making all of their software updates backwards compatible with their new hardware (for a while at least).

The smaller companies who make one-off products (like MIDI controllers) don’t necessarily have the resources to keep updating their product with the changing times.  Because of this, there are DJs out there who are basically stuck with plastic paperweights that will not run natively on their favorite operating systems or computers.  Sometimes the issue can be something small like a device driver that needs to be updated – but other times, the issue runs very deep, down to the OS – where you basically have no chance of correcting the problem.  Starting with gear from a big name can help you prepare for this.