DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
June 15, 2011

The Reloop Jockey III ME is Here

We are all about discovering new talent on many different levels.  In terms of DJ controllers we as consumers are fortunate that the market has become very competitive and there are so many good products to choose from.  Our friends at Reloop sent us the as of yet unreleased Reloop Jockey III ME (Master Edition) DJ controller and we gave it a test drive in our studio.


What stands out first about the Jockey 3 is it’s full metal bulletproof construction.  Obviously this controller is built to withstand the rigorous demands of a touring DJ in an agressive night club environment.  The Jockey 3 Master Edition serves also a stand alone 4 channel mixer which is useful if you have a laptop or software failure during or before your gig.  Simply plug in a CDJ or turntable and the show can go on.  You are also armed with both 1/4 inch balanced, RCA unbalanced master outputs, and an RCA booth output for use in a club environment.  The 1/4 inch mic input is on the front panel as well as your dual 1/4 and 1/8 inch outputs for your headphone monitor.


The Jockey 3 has a traditional layout of 2 jog wheels on either side of the mixing section.  The transport section is brightly lit below the large slimline jog wheels.  Sensitivity of the jogs can be fine tuned on the front panel of the controller, and the drag of the jogs are adjusted using dials on both sides of the controller.  You should definitely take the time to tune the jogs adequately to fit your style of DJing.

There are buttons on the upper left and right of each perspective jog to select how the jog is used and a shift button.  The shift button is your friend and you will use it often to access all of the dual functions on the Jockey 3 including selection of both effects on each deck.  There are 4 hot cue buttons and a selector to access 8 total within Traktor.

Directly above the cues is the advanced effects control section.  The mixing and browsing section is centered between the decks and boast full sized 70mm line faders, a slick cross-fader, screwed in eq knobs, and a browse section for easy navigation and loading of your “TRAX”.  Every button, knob, and fader are full sized and very responsive.  Clearly Reloop met the demands of the pro-style club mixers and control surfaces in today’s market.


The Jockey 3 comes Traktor ready but is definitely mappable to other popular DJ software like Virtual DJ and Deckadance.  We got wicked with Traktor Pro because the layout screams out for this particular mapping.  Reloop prides itself in offering excellent support in terms of mappings, .tsi files, and tips and tricks to getting the most out of your Reloop controllers.  The Jockey 3 is a brand new product and we were still able to get great support when we experienced minor hiccups in setting it up.  Once we were sorted it was extremely simple to start our performance demo.  I was able to customize the layout within Traktor to suit my style of mixing and it translated very well on the Jockey 3.  Traktor is arguably the most popular DJ software in Europe and is definitely staying very competitive with Serato Itch in North America.


The Jockey 3 is a great controller for those of you who are pure mixers.  You set cues, loops, tweak your eq and effects, and probably mix fader up and down.  Track navigation couldn’t be easier and the layout is very logical.  It also allows for customization within your software of choice and it is definitely portable and road worthy.

For those of you who favor scratching and cueing like a turntablist you will probably be a little disappointed with the sensitivity and accuracy of the jog wheels.  To be fair this can certainly be resolved with a firmware update in the future.  I found myself using cue points to start my mixes versus jog cuing but I am certainly used to doing both. Cue point juggling was relatively easy due to size of the buttons, but again I am used to adjusting my playing style to the controller.

Beginners to DJing and Controllerism need not be intimidated by this controller because it certainly gives you the room to grow into your art form with its flexibility and feature set.  Overall I found the Reloop Jockey 3 to be a very formidable controller with a lot of flexibility.  It definitely holds it’s own versus some of the best controllers on the market.

Check out our Demo and Overview videos for more info and stay tuned for our comparison videos on the Reloop Jockey 3, S4, and DDJ-T1.  Until then, happy gigs!

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s going on? This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip here with, and today we’re checking out the Reloop Jockey III controller. This thing is incredible, let’s have a look at it.
My first impression of it, really solid, good size mixer. Comes in a full metal chassis, they call it bulletproof. I’ll tell you what, it is really sturdy.
So upon looking at the mixer, this is actually the master edition, so this is going to be a stand alone mixer as well. That means, if you’ve got your software going on, I’ve got other inputs that I can put in; a CD player, or turntable, and I can operate this mixer simply by selecting right here that I’m going to go ahead and use it as a stand alone mixer.
And since it is a stand alone mixer, you’re going to have an array of ins and outs. RCA ins for decks A and B, I also have ¼ inch balanced outs.
I also have RCA outs as well, and I also have a booth output which has its own control knob as well. I’ve got ¼ inch or ⅛ inch for my headphone, both there.
I’ve also got a mic input right here with its own thru and level right on the front as well. Alright, so the next thing I like about it, is the mixer section.
These are full sized 70mm in line faders. That gives me a lot of room to put my mix in, everything else is full sized too. These are all like rubber rotaries screwed in. These can really take a beating.
It’s full size though, I don’t feel like I’m on other controllers that feel just like a model of what I’m going to use in the club. So that’s nice.
Also the browse section, Reloop has made probably the easiest browse section to facilitate, good huge knob here, scroll, press, go back to my different views, load my tracks left and right.
Like most controllers but I really like the action on that knob as well. Really good, huge, LED backlit buttons for my play, cue, cup, and also for my sync, and also for my master right here as well.
The shift features, I’m able to do all secondary functions on all of the buttons using the shift feature. That’s nice as well.
The jog wheels, let’s go ahead and talk about the jog wheels. Now these are very big jog wheels, ultra slim. You’re going to get 4,096 ticks per rotation, that is the most accurate, finite jog wheel on the market. Very sensitive, I’m actually able to adjust the drag of my jog wheels right here on the side.
So if I need more of a loose situation, which is where I have them, I can go ahead and move that back. If I need to customize them, and make them a little more tight I can adjust that with these jog wheel knobs on the side.
I’m also able to adjust the sensitivity of the jog wheels right on the front. I’ve got two little knobs here where I can adjust the sensitivity of it.
I can control the dim of my LEDs on the whole board as well. Traktor gives you eight cue points, I’m able to set eight cue points on here, I just hit it and if I want to get rid of it I just push this trashcan button right here, boom, it’s gone.
I’ve got a five through eight button on here which allows me to move from one through four, to five through eight. All of my cue points there.
Convenient section for my looping, the auto loop features is represented well on here. I can just hit the loop in here, I can deactivate that by hitting here or hitting my reloop out.
I can actually adjust the length of my loop as well, and I can also move that loop by using the move feature here, that’s going to move it by each beat. So now the effects section, in Traktor you’re able to do advanced effects or chained effects.
I like to have chained on my left side, advanced on my right. I’ve got four large huge rotary encoders that you can see there, they have ticks, they also have LEDs for visual verification of your parameters as well.
So that’s 360 degrees of LED, really, really nice. So the pitch, the pitch is 14bit, very accurate. Of course you can adjust the parameters in which you adjust your pitch, from eight all the way to fifty with the Traktor software as well.
Let’s keep in mind that this is a MIDI controller, so it has over 90 different parameters; between your knobs, your sliders, and the jog wheels of course, and the faders, that you’re able to assign to whatever function that you need.
When you talk about a pro controller, I would think about a controller that somebody would use who really pushes the limits of DJing. Its design, its hardware, the quality of the full sized knobs, 70mm faders, and the jog wheels, you know, very slim line but still have the sensitivity and got the vinyl feel on top, that’s really what sets it apart from the other ones out there.
Not to say that a beginner or intermediate controller,  a pro can’t get on there and use, but that kind of controller is going to be secondary, it’s going to be like a back up. This is a product, like many others, that kind of in size and stature that I consider a pro controller.
Especially in Europe, everybody is using a controller and Reloop is delivering the goods I’m sure.
Alright there it is. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them here on YouTube and I will be happy to answer them personally, we will get through this. As always, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog is teaming with information. So be you, be unique, at


  1. Zarif R says:

    this is a new app i that is currently being worked on for the Ipod, Ipad users that will allow them to mix music via a touch screen.

  2. RgarongJr says:

    DJ Madflip he is right its a bulletproof looks like its very solid controller. With traktor pro and with all the hottest features on the controller I think its a killer controller!!! I’m in love with this controller! :D

    1. RgarongJr says:

      I forgot my link sorry–I’m so excited for the OP-1 synth —

  3. It’s awesome!!! This gonna make my mixing so exciting.

  4. Andrew says:

    Livid is designing new controllers/stations designed for the Ipad and they look very exciting. It reminds me of the ol’ 808. Makes me want to buy an Ipad just for the products!

    i can’t wait to see what people can do with it.

  5. Kevin says:

    This controller is truly amazing and this youtube video showcases it’s power

  6. Jude Luongo says:

    it looks pretty sick even though controllers aren’t my thing but the best thing about it might just be the full metal construction I love equipment that won’t break

  7. Attention all guitarists! Everything you thought you knew about foot controllers just flew out the window! Now you can use your fingers and your hands electronically!

  8. Adam Sharizman says:

    Wow.. Controllers nowadays look harder better faster stronger.

    I’d seriously love one of these though:

  9. djkommodore says:

    Can’t wait to give that a try! Reloop seems to be hitting the sweetspot of price/performance

  10. Robert says:

    This is one of themost exciting Midi controllers I have seen thus far. Really was into the Numark Mixtrack Pro and saving intensely but now with the chance to win this amazing product has turned my interest around. Being an upcoming DJ learning about new tips and tricks is something that is enjoyable while still remaining true to the roots, along with understanding the history of the artform. Winning this would be awesome to add to my budding collection of DJ gear. Keep on pushing out the reviews Scott, most of us really appreciate it.

  11. Viktor says:

    Wow looks clean, looks to be of good quality. It seems to a whole of features for its medium built size.

  12. Rolando says:

    Dj Madflip he is right this controller built solid like a bullet proof. With all the hottest features and its with traktor Pro, I think this controller is one of the best in the market right now!

  13. Looks like a champ ! More resistent and reliable than M-Audio equivalent !

  14. Rob says:

    This looks really interesting. So many controllers on the market today can’t wait to see how this one stacks up against the otheres

  15. Deerick says:

    This looks very interesting. It could work in mobile set-ups.

  16. DJ Spy says:

    Which do you think has a higher quality sound, this or the Numark NS 6?

    1. There is really no difference in each audio interface, but the NS6 has XLR balanced outputs and the Reloop Jockey 3 has 1/4″ balanced outputs. Audio quality is really determined by the quality of your MP3s. Thanks for the question and I hope this helps.

  17. Richard says:

    Love the portability and size of this product! This little thing packs a punch. So much better than any other midi controllers out there.

  18. Stefan says:

    i’m thinking of buying a nice dj controller, but i can’t decide wich one……
    Reloop jockey 3, numark ns6 or pioneer ddj-t?

    1. ariff says:

      What are you looking for in a DJ Controller? What are your main uses for it?

      1. Stefan says:

        just making some nice mixes and play around with effects / loops…..
        i’m not (yet) the guy who pushes to the limit.

  19. Stefan says:

    Okay, i’ve made up my mind. I bought the Reloop Jockey 3. Very nice controller!!! Does everything i want and even more!!!!

  20. Reticuli says:

    What is the problem with the jog wheels? You hint there is one, but don’t get into details of it. Also needs 4 channels in the mixer section to compete with other controllers out there.

    1. There is a sensitivity issue, and they are not very accurate when cueing and scratching. Hopefully a new firmware update can resolve this problem.