November 5, 2013

Reloop Keypad & Keyfadr Ableton Live Controllers

The Ableton Push is probably something that we, as producers, would like to have.  What can you say about it except that is designed for Ableton, by Ableton.  I have the experience of actually getting to touch and feel one of these machines, and they are quite beastly.  I would dare say that they are better built than the Maschine by NI – and this is of course reflected in the pricing of the unit.  It is bigger and heavier; it can do more as well.  Much like the CDJ-1000’s of the DJ world, this is something that not all of us can afford to play with.

Cheaper options range from toyish to expensive but as time goes on, makers have found ways to get the most out of their gear while keeping it at an acceptable price range.  Novation is a name that comes to mind, which has a reputation of creating quality gear above the lower end units that have become so common these days.  However, Reloop is hot on their tail with units that look surprisingly similar.  Relooop’s Keyfadr looks something like a cross between an Akai LPD-8 and LPK, except that it also adds three rotaries near the top of the unit.