November 5, 2013

Pioneer KUVO: Real Time Track Info In Clubs

It seems as if there is no more mystery left to the art of DJing.  It is something that has evolved from a mysterious art into a well known hobby.  Even though the actual mechanics of how it is done has changed, there is still much that the DJ can hide from the rest of the world.  One thing they can do that no other DJ can do, is to create their own set list from the various songs that are out there.  In theory, there are an infinite number of ways that songs can be combined, and very high number of songs to choose from.  So in a sense, mysteriousness can be had in the form of a varied track list.

Still, this doesn’t prevent train spotters in the crowd from picking up on your creative ideas.  They might not be able to copy your technical skills, but they can sure enough write down the list of songs you have played.  Some DJ welcome this, while other DJs would prefer to keep it a secret.  Now that hardware and software is being created that allows clubbers to jot down the set list, will there be any more mystery left?