November 5, 2013

The Midi Fighter Twister and Traktor Drum Sequencer

Djtechtools have been a clever company from the start.  They began as nothing more than an information hub that occasionally reviewed the latest and greatest pieces of kit of digital DJs.  Along with a wealth of information, they had some of their own designs for controllers, which have a small following behind them.  The original MIDI fighter was nothing more than a square box that housed arcade buttons.  What made it worth buying was the amount of maps that were given to the owners for free.  This allowed them to use the MIDI fighter in any sort of style they wanted.

Since then, the MIDI fighters have added and changed parts of their box, which allow them to be used modularly.  I guess this means that producers, DJs, or even a musician got their own option on how they wanted the gear to be used.  Their newest member of the team takes the basic design and uses rotaries instead of buttons.  These rotaries are actually encoders that can be spun to infinity.  Since there are no buttons, this will serve the purpose as an effect box only, which can be used in conjunction with any sort of DAW or DVS.