November 5, 2013

MixEmergency 2.3: 5 years old and 30% off

Why is it that music mixing is as popular as ever, yet video mixing seems to have died off?  One would think that given the ease of accessing a video these days, there would be more video DJs instead of just DJs alone?  Sure, we can complain that video files are usually too large, and that they are also harder to find – but compared to actually trying to mix with DVDs or VHS tapes, video mixing is actually pretty easy.  I think one reason why it is not as embraced as music, is that there are no tools out there that make it easy on the DJ.

Before video mixing was introduced in VDJ, there were actually physical mixers that were built to handle such a thing.  Some of these even had built in screens that allowed the DJ to preview what he was about to mix.  Many of the problems with video mixing also came down to hardware and software issues; basically, mixing videos takes much more processing power than mixing music.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t software out there to do this on, it just means that there is much more work that needs to be done.