November 5, 2013

The One 1.2: Tweaks and fixes

Is there really a need for more mixing and editing tools for DJs?  There have always been the big guys like Ableton, Serato, and Traktor – but there are frequently more and more little guys coming out of the shadows to create something new.  The speed at which programs and utilities are produced says something about the state of the industry.  There have been no real BIG changes to our technology, and the new programs that are being released are nothing but attempt at innovation, rather than invention.  Those who are doing just fine with what they already have do not really need to invest in a bunch of new software.

This doesn’t stop developers and companies from trying to make something seemingly new.  “The One” has been a talked about DVS for a few months now, and people are just beginning to get a taste of how it works.  As far as anyone can tell, it is really just a small change from the way DVS usually works – and like any newly produced program, there are some issues that need to be fixed.  The makers have already released a few bug and patch fixes that were slowing potential users down.