November 11, 2013

2013 Pioneer DJ Art Mix Charity Auction

If you really think about what DJ equipment has evolved into, it has become nothing more than a collective bundle of technologies built into some fancy machines.  On their own, they have no soul and cannot do what a human can do.  Even the sync button, which can take the skill out of matching beats, has no authority over creativity – and there is likely to never be a DJ that can be ousted by a robot DJ.  DJing is both a science and an art, and both of those concepts have to live with each other in order to coexist.  So if I take a CDJ-1000 right out of its box, is it really anything special that needs to be cherished?

It is nothing but plastic, metal, and a fancy screen.  When an artist takes something like this and applies his own artwork to it, it them becomes something unique that cannot be remade without much effort.  Many gear companies like to raffle off their items for charity – but VH1 is doing something different.  They have taken some pretty hi-tech pieces of gear and customized them in a way that is almost priceless.  Proceeds will be given to charity.