November 19, 2013

5 Audience Growing Tips For Music Tech Startups

Having knowledge about music creation or the music industry will get you pretty far, the other half is knowing how to use the internet and social media to your advantage.  If you are not tech savvy, you will struggle to keep up with new platforms and ideas that are constantly emerging.  These are nothing more than tools that can be used by anyone to advance their cause.  Tech start-ups are usually centered around the virtual world, rather than the real world, so these guys already understand what needs to be done.  Some tips on creating an audience involve knowing your customers and taking them seriously.

The anonymity of the internet makes it hard to take people seriously.  Because of them we tend to have an easier time ignoring a person who isn’t facing you than you do with a person you have just shaken hands with.  Getting in the habit of doing this can be costly and detrimental in the long run.  While you struggle to develop an audience, be sure to never make things too complicated.  Making them as simple as possible keeps it simple for everyone.  Finally, you should have a basic understanding of where you are in the world; dreaming too big is not reality.