November 19, 2013

Shane McAnally Shares The Songwriter’s Experience

The song writing process is very much an art, and there is practically no definite formula for making a song, or even a good one at that.  Artists tend to be creative people, so there is a lot of information that can easily be transcribed from thoughts to words, but even the most creative people run dry of ideas for a new song.  It pays to collaborate in serious ways.  Many song writers have a team of co-writers that work alongside of them.  Their job is to function as sort of a hive mind that can help spur new thoughts for a tired thinker.  The mere act of working together makes it easy to create new ideas.

Not every song will be a hit, and most of what an artist creates will never been deemed popular.  Once you fail a few times, you best option is to simply try again.  There are few artists out there that come up with hit after hit, it usually takes them many tries in different directions to get it right once.  Do it yourself production should not be ignored either, and just because you aren’t in the studio does not mean you should ignore the record button.