November 25, 2013

Cult Classics: Going Beyond Hit Status

There are way too many songs that exist to be able to categorize them into genres and groups, let alone classics that will live into the future.  We seem to consider some songs are timeless, even though we have only been with those songs for a short period of time.  Consider songs which were considered classics over two hundred years ago.  Most of these songs call into the “classical” or “romantic” period; think of someone like Beethoven or Mozart – their songs have lived on, but they are not something we would consider to be popular.  A cult classic is something different; it is a tune that gained a deep following in one way or another, mainly due to pop culture.

I would guess that not many rap or hip-hop songs would make it on the list, except for the original rap songs like, ”Rappers Delight”.  Rock songs seem to be better candidates on the list, since many classic rock songs were written as multi part ballads rather than just a quick five minute song.  The question is, how did these songs achieve such levels of popularity?  Discovering a cult classic means dissecting all that makes a song popular and memorable.