November 25, 2013

What spinning vinyl has taught me

There is a reason why many vinyl record owners will not give up or sell their collection easily.  Records are hard to find, and good records can cost much more than any other sort of digital version of it.  Oddly enough, records are not something that is built to last.  Each record has a lifespan attached to it – and once it is played thousands of times, the quality of the sound will suffer.  Records are also a pain to take care of.  They are big and can be bent, even broken.  If they are stored in the wrong direction, time can cause them to sag on one side, and slip on the other.

But owning a record teaches you a lot about music.  When you are forced to take care of the media that your song is attached to – you tend to treat it better.  Sure, you may scatter your records over you bed during a set, but most of us make sure they go back to where they belong.  The fragility and flexibility of records can be witnessed at the same time; in sort of a gentle balancing act that can only be seen and felt with vinyl records.