November 25, 2013

Mixed In Key FLOW is a go!

Many companies are learning that making a DVS for a DJ is much more profitable than making other types of software that deals with music.  Serato has never been known to be something cheap, and since you could not use it without the hardware, it kept its value.  Back when I bought my first SL, it cost me around four hundred dollars – and the prices have not gone down since then.  This didn’t stop other free DVS alternatives from propagating as well, but they had a lot of work to do in order to catch up with what was currently popular.

I think that some of these free programs will always lack a few things that the paid versions have, and one of them is a support team constantly fixing bugs and errors in their software.  Mixed In Key started out as a simple harmonic key detection program, but has since evolved into a DVS known as Mixed In Key Flow.  The program itself actually looks very nice, and seems more like a streamlined version of Serato, then something Traktor would produce.  Will this make a dent in what Serato has to offer?  It won’t, because Serato has already discontinued their DVS in favor of a hardware mixer approach.