December 10, 2013

Palette — Kickstarting a modular DJ system

A true modular MIDI controller is something that we really haven’t come by yet.  Modular, to some companies out there, really means the ability to swap out different controllers with different purposes, without much work in-between.  It really doesn’t mean what modular means, which is adding and removing parts from an entire machine.  The issues are many fold, and the worst issue has to do with power the devices.  They need to either share power or have their own power source – so finding a way to connect both data and power quickly is a big plus.

One such device called the “Palette” seems to take care of both of those problems.  Each part of the modular MIDI device is nothing more than a part.  It is a fader, a rotary knob, or some sort of button.  All of these piece interlock with each other using the four sides of each square, so this is enough to deliver both power and information to where it needs to go.  The real problem I see with this design is its durability.  When something this small gets pounded on by some happy fingers, I doubt that it will actually last long without experiencing problems.