December 10, 2013

Get Your DJ Podcast On SoundCloud, YouTube & iTunes, Part 2

No matter how well you are at recording your own audio, your format will have to change depending on which type of hosting service you are using.  If you own your own website and know how to edit it, then I can imagine an entire page dedicated to the theme of the music.  If you are like most of us and use a service to host and share your files, then you will need to understand what each type of service is good at, and adjust to it.  Soundcloud gets points for being one of the most user friendly hosts to setup.  Your menu and your options are laid out in front of you, and it is not hard to upload music that is easily downloadable by others.  Sharing the music in your groups is also very simple to do.

YouTube is different from other music hosts because it is primarily a video website.  This means that pictures need to be used, even if just an audio file is posted.  Some DJs will take the easy route and simply show a flat image of a logo the entire time, while creative ones will actually add videos to the background.