December 10, 2013

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS Brings Controllers & CDJs Closer Still

In our current state of DJing technology and culture, there are many lines that have been crossed, and some elements have been transformed or even shifted.  DJing without the use of real CDs or even record is no longer something to hide – it is something to be proud of for most.  That is because the newer generation of decks and controllers are much more than lifeless drum pads waiting to be abused, they are interactive pieces of gear that create a new DJing experience for anyone.  While transitions have been made, few of these lines have actually been merged together.

The DVS was built to emulate the vinyl record, but it in fact uses an actual record to do the job.  The touch and feel of true vinyl has still not been perfectly duplicated, even on decks with built in vinyl platters.  Midi controllers may contain dials and faders, but are still far from acting like a true emulated deck of sorts.  Pioneer’s newest CDJ-900NXS actually attempted to sort of merge the aspects of a controller into a CD deck that also has DVS power.  As stunning as it is, its design is not very revolutionary considering that it is newer.