December 12, 2013

pMic is a 3D-Printed A-B Stereo Mic You Can Make Yourself; Hear It

Three dimensional printing is something that used to be considered space aged or advanced but is now something that anyone can have access to.  The real question behind it is what can it be used for?  So far, the things people have been making are either very small or they are toy-like in a way that doesn’t seem to attract the attention that it deserves.  The printers themselves are not very cheap, and even the lowest priced printer is upwards of a thousand dollars.  But when you consider what you are trying to build with such a printer, it makes you ask yourself, “Why would anyone buy a printer that is cheap in the first place?”

Once you get your hands on a printer that can do its job well, all you need to do is find the plans to get everything started and rolling.  This is where the fun begins.  You have the ability to create things that have never been made before, if you want – but you can also take the plans from an original design and cast them yourself.  Products can be produced and imagined without the help of billion dollar tech companies – and that in itself is a great idea.